Department of Economics of AIUB arranged a study tour with a theme on, ‘Good Citizen, Peace, and Economic Development’. Manikgang Police Lines hosted the first part of the study tour, where Additional DIG, Mr. Mahfuzur Rahman (BPM), addressed the students on ‘The consequences of violent extremism and drug abuse on individual life and society’. Importance of peace for economic development of the country was elaborately discussed in his presentation.

In reply to a question, Additional DIG, Mr. Mahfuzur Rahman, discussed about the process and opportunity to work in Bangladesh Police and gave example of some alumni of AIUB who joined Bangladesh Police. Mr. Mahfuzur Rahman also influenced the students to serve the country by being a good citizen. The students had the opportunity to visit the residence and office of SP of Manikgang district, and Police lines where they observed the daily life of Police personnel.

In the second half of the study tour at Proshika Human Resource Development Centre Trust, the students had hands-on experience on different economic activities undertaken at the rural areas which has helped the country to achieve higher production in poultry, dairy, and agricultural products.  The students have learned how different trainings have helped the rural people to become economically independent. 

Head of the Department of Economics, Dr. ABM Rahmatullah, and other faculty members accompanied the students during the study tour. Ms. Farhana Rafiq, Assistant Professor of Economics Department, was the coordinator of the study tour. This was a successful study tour with a focus on life-long learning and knowledge sharing on economic activities.STUDY_TOUR_WITH_A_THEME_ON_GOOD_CITIZEN_PEACE_AND_ECONOMIC_DEVELOPMENT_1 STUDY_TOUR_WITH_A_THEME_ON_GOOD_CITIZEN_PEACE_AND_ECONOMIC_DEVELOPMENT_2