Students and faculty members of MMC department went to a daylong photography workshop on the 4th October 2018, at Panchaboti (a place/garden having five auspicious trees; Bel, Vat, Dhatri, Ashoka, Ashwata), Gazipur. Panchaboti can be called a nature lovers’ paradise, an isle to escape when you are bothered and exhausted of the worry and flurry of city life.

The workshop and trip was organized by Mr. Niaz Majumdar the course teacher of “Digital Photography”, and  “Mass Media and Society”, course teacher; Ms. Afroja Shoma. Students were assigned for “Landscape and Nature Study” and “How Mass Media can spread Environmental Awareness”.  21 students and 5 teachers participated in this creative workshop. 

It was a spectacular site, variety of orchids and flowers, clear blue skies and enormous fluffy cumulonimbus clouds (typical autumn sky) provided the flawless framework for landscape pictures, while the variety of flowers, garden-bugs, butterflies and birds challenged those with hunger for macro-photography. Beside those, it has few mud houses, ponds full of water lily, lotus and an awesome lunch, cooked in traditional mud-stove.

In this workshop, the budding photographers of MMC discovered the opportunities to get hands on experience on photography and creative writing for environmental awareness through the nature.
As the Panchaboti  is an enormous place, students ended up roaming 60% of it all. But it was worth it. Every bit of it.

MMC department is immensely grateful to respected VC madam, AIUB management, Mrs. Nina Shaheen Chowdhury   and Mr. O.K. Chowdhry (the owner of the Panchaboti) for giving this delightful opportunity.photography_workshop_of_mmc_7 photography_workshop_of_mmc_8